FB2 Group

FB2 Group


Welcome to the website of the research group Physiology of fish and its application in Aquaculture (FB2) from the University of Vigo.

The research group, based in the Faculty of Biology, was founded in 1998 by professors José Luis Soengas and Jesús Míguez . Since then it has incorporated other professors and have trained 10 national and international researchers. Today, the group consists of four Professors in the areas of Physiology and Cell Biology (Department of Functional Biology and Health Sciences) as well as three postdoctoral researchers and five PhD students.

The group has been recognized as a reference group (group with growth potential) in 2012 by the Xunta de Galicia and belongs to Marine Research Singular Centre of the University of Vigo-ECIMAT.

Upcoming Events

11th AIEC Congress

Vigo, July 13-15, 2017.
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Lastest Publications

S. Comesaña, C. Velasco, R.M. Ceinos, M.A. López-Patiño, J.M. Míguez, S. Morais, J.L. Soengas.
Evidence for the presence in rainbow trout brain of amino acid sensing systems involved in the control of food intake
American Journal of Physiology, in press, 2017 | DOI